Teaching Forms


Desmond also has been certified to perform writing assessments as well as multiple forms of writing instruction, making him a WritingSpecialist.Desmond Fambrini has been certified in the Pre-K writing readiness program, K-5th handwriting and cursive certification, Keyboarding without tears typing certification, and participated in the state required writing professional development. Desmond assists in a variety of writing intervention tactics from handwriting instruction, to sentence formation, to college application editing.

“Many students struggle getting their brilliant ideas on paper. That’s why I love being able to teach students alternative forms and methods to do so.
Desmond Fambrini


Desmond has assisted multiple students with this important area of academics. Desmond has found success using formal reading assessment tools found in the public sector such as Fountas and Panel and combining this acquired data with reading specialization programs such as SIPPS (with his possessing the SIPPS reading specialist curriculum for all grade levels) and Reading Naturally.


Many students struggle with speaking and presentations. With a technical background and speaking skills that have boosted Desmond social media present to 1 million followers, Desmond provides thorough instruction in the fields of debate and public speaking and content creation.


Desmond minored in theater with a dance emphasis at Dartmouth College and is involved in the professional dance industry as a choreographer and dance content creator. Dance is not only an excellent for of exercise but strengthens a variety of academic and social emotional skills that improve school performance. Desmond teaches both group classes, private classes, and one on one sessions.


Desmond Fambrini is a certified high-performance coach providing a neuroscience backed framework to improve student, parent, or adult performance in the fields of psychology, physiology, productivity, and persuasion. For more information about this specific service visit xxpressions.blog!!!

Executive Functioning

Many students have natural talent but cannot organize their thoughts and workspace to reach their full capabilities in regard to productivity and academic output. Thus, executive function intervention proves highly effective for many students especially those with attention deficits or anxiety.